Ceramic Tile Wall Installation by Flamingo Tile

When looking for a professional company in Las Vegas, to hire for your next wall installation project you want to hire Flamingo Tile, Inc.

We are a licensed and bonded ceramic tile contractor company. You need a reliable ceramic tile installer for your home or office project. Whether the wall is in your bathroom, kitchen, patio, bbq area or fire place Flamingo Tile, Inc is always up to date regarding rules and laws of any type of wall installation. Serving across the valley for over 30 years with both commercial and residential projects.
These are the following steps for your new installation:

  • We will come and measure the area you want your ceramic tile installed.
  • You will then pick the ceramic tile of your choice to be installed in your home. We can assist the cost by providing our whole sale contract prices.
  • Together you will design the layout with your personal installer from our team to ensure your dream comes true with their eye for design.
  • The ceramic tile installer will begin on your layout and update you every step of the way.

Now doesn’t that help you feel comforted?


You are having a professional company like Flamingo Tile come into your home and achieve your dream. We are a professional company and install ceramic tile work with the highest quality job. This is exactly what you will get when hiring Flamingo Tile, Inc.


Check out our website, references and testimonials. As your contractor we will always rejuvenate and update designs for our clients. Our team of contractors are much more than just a contractor.We strive to continue educating ourselves and furthering our knowledge about new tile techniques. We will help you with selecting your tile, grout, size of tile, and design to ensuring your installation is perfect from the moment we begin to finish.


Tiling can be installed in bathrooms, kitchens, counters, back-splash and several other areas that could benefit from the water-resistant sturdy material.
When browsing through our photo gallery to view pictures of jobs we have completed you will notice places you have visited in Las Vegas that we have tiled. Have you stopped at your local grocery store lately and noticed the tile? Flamingo Tile, Inc has contracted with several Smith’s, Von’s, Whole Food to just name a few.  We have vast experience when it comes to working with tile.

If you are looking for a contractor for your tile installation in the Las Vegas area, Flamingo Tile Inc is a great choice! Call us today to request a quote.

 (702) 699-9512

Call us today to request a quote.

(702) 699-9512