Selecting a Tile Contractor

Adding or replacing tile in any home can contribute to its overall aesthetic value, so this simple home upgrade is often a good investment. Tiling can be installed in bathrooms, kitchens, counters and several other areas that could benefit from the water-resistant sturdy material.

It is important, however, for a homeowner to know how to choose the right tile contractor. Not all contractors are created equal.
Installing TileThe first thing any homeowner should do when picking a tile contractor is a bit of research. Finding local tiling contractors online isn’t difficult, and it is important to find ones that have been around for a while. This isn’t to say that newer tiling contractors aren’t professional, but they will have fewer references for a person to contact.

Other than how long a company has been in business, a homeowner should also ensure that the company they choose is licensed and insured in the state where the work will be done. Dealing with a contractor that is not both licensed and insured can cause serious headaches if anything goes wrong with the job.

After ensuring that your potential contractor meets all of the aforementioned criteria, a homeowner should contact the business and request a quote for their specific project. During this conversation, it is also pertinent to go ahead and request references. Contacting an individual that has had work done by the company can provide a wealth of information. Some of these individuals will even allow a person to visit and view the work that the contractor completed.

It is also pertinent to ask tile contractors to bring proof that they are licensed and insured in the state when they visit to quote a price. Verifying this information is vital if a homeowner wants to ensure the best job possible. Choosing the best contractor should be easy once a person knows their price, experience and level of workmanship.

Flamingo Tile Inc. has over 30 years of experience in ceramic tile installation. We are fully licensed and insured in Nevada. We have many references you may contact. Browse through our photo gallery to view pictures of jobs we have completed. We have vast experience when it comes to working with tile. If you are looking for a contractor for your tile installation in the Las Vegas area, Flamingo Tile Inc is a great choice! Call us today to request a quote.

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